Color Glass Bead

Color Glass Bead


Adding various metal oxide or pigment during the glass beads production process allows for consistent color glass beads distribution in the bead area.

Color Glass Bead is reality color, which means the color is the same both inside and outside the glass bead. As a new kind of building material for deluxe decoration, color glass bead has the following advantages:

1) Beautiful: varied patterns, novel color, you can choose one or many kinds of colors.

2) Environment-friendly: Non poison, Non smell, Non pollution, Non cauterization, Safe.

3) Heat insulated: It can absorb the energy from the sun and reflect them into the sky, which can reduce the temperature in the room.

4) Non fading, Non aging, Non maintenance, Clean, Brightness, Luxury and Beauty , Acid and Alkali resistant corrosion.



Typical Values


Red, Pink, Yellow, Blue, Green, Amber, Purple, Black, Transparent   (color can be adjusted per request)



Round and Irregular (Oval)



(size can be customized per request;

Round can not be bigger than 5mm)

Refractive Index

1.30- 1.50

Specific  Density (g/cm3)


Volume  Density (g/cm3)


Micro Hardness (kg/mm2)


Mohs Hardness



Color Glass Bead is an ideal decorative material which can be used in swimming pool, aquarium, park, alcove, metope, doorcase pole, gardening potted plan, screen, concrete face pool and other decorations.


Double deck high-pressure polyethylene inside the bag with dryer, plastic intertexture outside.

40 bags in a wooden pallet with plastic film enlace.




Color Glass Bead

Color Glass Bead Outside Packing

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