Sky-blue Luminescent Pigment
Sky-blue Luminescent Pigment
Sky-blue Luminescent Pigment
Sky-blue Luminescent Pigment

Sky-blue Luminescent Pigment

  • Brand 3G
  • Origin china
  • Delivery time 7 days
  • Supply capacity 5000 kg

Sky-blue luminescent pigment Characteristics:
Daytime color: off white
Afterglow color: sky-blue
Afterglow time: 8-12 hours
Density: 3.0-3.5g/cm3
PH : 9-11
this luminescence pigment can be used into both solvent based and water based ink ,paint.

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Sky-blue luminescent pigment  is also called photoluminescent  pigment ,luminescence pigment,glow in the dark pigment,glow powder .  Since there is rare earth-activated alkali earth aluminate-Strontium(Sr) in the components,it is long afterglow luminescent pigment.  

the glow in the dark powder has non-toxic, non-radioactive and contain no phosphorus or lead, or any other hazardous element or chemical. The term phosphorence is sometimes used to describe luminescence, but  photoluminescent pigment contains no phosphorus.

Luminous Data



Luminance after
10 min
(mcd/m 2)≥

Luminance after
30 min
(mcd/m 2)≥

Luminance after
60 min
(mcd/m 2)≥

Median Size


JS Series

( Sky-Blue)












Other Characteristics:

 Daytime color: off white 

Afterglow color: sky-blue

 Afterglow time:  8-12 hours

 Density:  3.0-3.5g/cm3

PH  :     9-11


Indication position: can be applied in switch of home appliance, control board, plug, lock, electric torch, stairway, fire protection facility, fire alarm, lifesaving tools etc.
Safety fields: show safety indication effect in fields as below: signs, warning items writing, emergency passenger way, subway station, underground passage, blindage project, hospital, dancing hall, video room, refuge shelter, helmet, bicycle etc.
Building: can be applied in building wall, tiles, inside surface of elevator, bridge, roads, sea ports etc. both decoration and application value has been achieved.
Others: arts and crafts, amber, sand crystal, glass, painting works; toys: plastic toys and piece together pictures; clothing: shoes, caps, working uniform, helmet, transfer pictures, printing graph clothing; calendar, fishing tools.

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